There Is No doubt It, Divorce Is Stressful.

Not even those fortunate couples who manage to call it quits amicably walk away without a few divorce-related stressors in their lives.

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In difficult times, we provide kind, professional & experienced services for all of your South Carolina family law needs.

Separation & Divorce

There is no doubt it: divorce is stressful. Not even those fortunate couples who manage to call it quits amicably walk away without a few divorce-related stressors in their lives. Knowing how stressful splitting up can be, Ruth & MacNeille, P.A. lends sound advice and guidance through this difficult time.

Child Custody/Support

The issue of child custody arises when a Husband and Wife separate or divorce. There are two basic types of legal custody, sole custody and joint custody. The judge considers the "best interests" of the child when making a custody determination.

Prenuptial Agreements

A premarital/prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into between two prospective spouses prior to their marriage. Most often, premarital agreements are tailored to protect one spouse who has significant assets prior to the marriage to make certain that, in the event of a divorce, the other spouse will have no claim to said assets.

Other Areas Of Family Law

Once you ready there are other issues we can help you navigate. 


Prior to 2002, the process for obtaining a name change was fairly straightforward. Due, in part, to enhanced security around the country, the process for obtaining a legal name change has become much more complicated. 


A grant of spousal support/ alimony is the means by which the court may ensure that a spouse maintains the same or similar standard of living that he/she enjoyed during the marriage.


The procedures for adoption are complicated and strictly regulated by statute.  Adoption proceedings often occur in conjunction with proceedings for Termination of Parental Rights. 


Equitable distribution of Marital Property involves identifying assets (house, cars, personal property, accounts & investments) acquired during the marriage and dividing the assets fairly between the parties. 

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