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When Should I Hire A Hilton Head Business Attorney?

Below is the main reason you should seek legal advice before becoming a business owner.

Buying A Business

If you are buying a new business or franchise or buying into an existing business you will want to have a lawyer review the transaction before you sign an Offer, Letter of Intent or a Final Agreement. Buying A Business.

Becoming A Partner

If you are going into business with one or more other people you will want a lawyer to assist you in identifying the issues which can lead to disagreements and to address those issues early on.

Business Structuring

You will need to consider whether or not it is valuable or necessary to be entity, especially those having the advantage of limited liability like a corporation or an LLC. 

Other Reasons To Seek Legal Advice

Once you have your business set up there are other issues we can help you navigate. 


Apart from written agreements to buy your business, with your partners; with your landlord; with your employees and contractors and with your customers, various relationships are often subject of a written contract, such as a franchise agreements, distributorship agreements and licensing agreements.


While every business requires a business license, other businesses require extensive licensing to operate at all. It may be a liquor license for a store, approval of DEHC for a restaurant; approval from the county for a camp, or you may be in a business that requires a license to operate such as a contractor, lawyer, accountant, doctor or the like. And all of those licenses may be impacted by choosing to operate as an entity.


 If there are any two topics most likely to cause problems for small businesses they are: (1) Hiring workers as 1099 Independent Contractors rather than W2 Employees, and (2) Failing to comply with Federal, State and sometime local wage and hour laws and requirements.


 A core business asset of yours may fall into the zone of intellectual property. You may have a name that you want to keep others from using, which will generally require the USPTO to issue a trademark. Typically, registering a name as part of form a corporation or LLC or filing a Fictitious Business Name Statement provides inadequate protection from others using the same name.

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